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Here it is, the very first ever episode of the IRNerdivore Podcast, the offical podcast of the IRNerdivore network and Geek Fan Expo!

Nerd(ish) News

Steam-Machine "Box"

"Following a tweet from the developer of Maia (a cross platform game soon to hit Steam) that Linux was bringing him more game sales than OS X. Gaming On Linux decided to investigate further by reaching out to multiple developers for platform sales statistics. Although the findings and developer comments show Linux sales to still be sitting in third place, behind those of OS X and Windows, they are showing promise. Developer feedback certainly appears to be positive about the platform's future. With Steam OS on its way, surely leading to more big title releases making their way to the Linux platform, could Linux gaming be set to take the number two spot from Apple?"

Original Article

Pro-Gamer Visa

"The world's first professional StarCraft II gamer has been granted a five-year pro athlete visa for the United States, making Kim 'viOLet' Dong Hwan the first of his kind. viOLet was one of the first gamers to apply for the P-1A visa when they were introduced in July. The new paperwork doesn't mean that he can live permanently in the U.S., but it does mean he'll be treated like other (more traditional) athletes, able to easily enter the country temporarily to participate in tournaments."

Original Article

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is delving into the land of TV anime with their first series, titled Ronia the Robber’s Daughter. The series is to be directed by Goro Miyazaki, Hayao  Miyazaki’s son, who has already two other Studio Ghibli films, Tales from Earthsea and From up on Poppy Hill.

Original Article


Warner Bros. announced in a press release that it has cast Jesse Eisenberg as Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Batman’s trusty butler Alfred.

Could be good...could be really, really bad.

Lego Awesomeness

Yesterday, Lego announced that the Fall 2013 Cuusoo finalist to be released later this year will be a Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set. The design hasn’t been finalized yet, but it looks like it will include the Ecto 1 and mini-figures of Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston

"Leave it to Bieber"

So,on the White House Petitions site, a petition to have Justin Bieber deported has reached 223,548 signatures. I find this news worthly on a lot of levels, but none the least of which is that it was started by someone in Detroit! AND, because it has passed the 100,000 signature mark, the White House must repond to it! The petition closes on February 22, get your names on it and have your voice heard! Also...there is a petition NOT to deport the welp...but it is not doing so well as it only has 5,715 signature...that’s less than the SECOND Deport "the Bieb" petition that has more than 27,000.

Here is a link to the The Deport Bieber Petition

Our Geek Visa Petition (I should not have said I would make this one)!


We try to take a quick stab at defining what a geek is, and how it can relate to being "mainstream".

In the end though, no matter how you define geek, you need to remember that the spirit of Geekdom is never to judge, or strive to conform to someone elses judgments.

We also talk a little about author Matt Thyer. You can see his website here:

I got this video from Matt's website:

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