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So, this episode got chopped up a lot, but we talk about Ghostbusters 3, Independence Day 2, and the death of Saturday Morning Cartoons. We also mentioned a ton of things that needed some photos to go with here are the photos:

Sam Neil looks like Hugo Weaving, and the age difference is 13 year. MORE than Sean Connery and Harrison ford in Indy 3.


Next up is the Max Von Sydow CLASSIC film The Seventh Seal. I could not remember the name of this one, but it is a worth while watch even if its not in English.


And lastly, one of my early literary crushes...and one of the few blonds I ever really crushed on.


Top 10 Cartoons from 1980 to 1995

Honorable Mentions: Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers, Reboot, Darkwing Duck

10. Gummy Bears

9. Tiny Toons Adventures

8. Beetlejuice

7. Batman: The Animated Series

6. DuckTales

5. Garfield & Friends

4. TailSpin

3. X-Men

2. The Real Ghostbusters

1. Animaniacs

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