Pirates vs Ninjas & Zombies vs Vampires


RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman:

The extremely talented actor died of an apparent OD. His loss made headlines all over the world. While we don't really talk about the struggles of addiction, we all agree that this loss is a real bummer.

E! Online had a short bit about it here.

Geek & Sundry's Caper

So the ever popular nerds over at Geek & Sundry are jumping up to the "slightly bigger league" with a Hulu exclusive new show. Take a look.

Resident Evil composer exposed as deaf fraud, now claims is no longer deaf

Ok...I cannot even talk about this in written form without getting mad bro.

So here is a link to the Geek.com article. Just...wow. This guy is just a douche-nugget.

No More Psych

Yep...super sad news is that Psych is about to be over. After 8 seasons of awesome-sauce, it is all coming to an end.


Today's topic

We started to talk about Pirates vs Ninja and Zombies vs Vampires...but I have no idea what went wrong. This episode got a litte distracted. Fun anyway though.

In the end, we voted!

And the winner is:

Anyone that actually listens to the show!!!


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