Matthew Alan Thyer

Today I fail at using the word of the day, but more importantly, I have author, adventurer, and all around crazy awesome guy, Matthew Allen Thyer with me to talk a little about his book, The Big Rd Buckle, and whatever else we wanna chit-chat about.

Matthew Alan Thyer is an independent author writing hard-science fiction with a twist. Currently publishing a series of stories which share the theme “sports in space.” He is an Army veteran who served as a signals intelligence analyst. Prior to finding his voice as a writer he worked as an operations engineer, wildland firefighter, backcountry ranger, kayak guide and river rat.

Matt’s hobbies include trail running, backpacking, skiing, mountaineering, bicycling, and paragliding.

You can find Matt on Facebook at, and on Twitter @feetforbrains. You can also catch them on the web at!

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