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Star Trek Discovery

It's a very pretty show. They filmed it with a very cinematic style. It looks like a high budget movie.

Unfortunately, they fell into the lens flair trap, and by making look and feel like a movie, they stepped all over their own writing with weak dialogue and poorly contrived "hero moments".

The props where very good. The sets looked like movie sets. They look great, but the lighting is dark and dramatic while the set accents are bright and flashy. This isn't bad, but is isn't really what you'd expect from a TV show. It reminds me of the TNG movies.

The sound FX are almsot perfect. They do an excellent job mixing TOS and TNG sounds with new effects. Some things feel a little off, but again, it feels off as if they are filming this more as a big budget film. A lot of flashy sounds and effects.

The overall writing was poor. The make-up for the Klingons is terrible, but all the other races seemed to be very well done. Again, movie quality.

The storyline was weak. The Klingon culture stuff was fine, other than it just doesn't feel "Klingon". They would have been better off either saying it was a different race, or just tweaking the TNG/DS9 make-up effects for the new style show.

The actors did a C+ job. Some of the alien actors, including the Klingons, did a wonderfully. The two main actors of the first two episodes did not. It was over acted and felt forced. Not sure if it's the casting or the writing. There where flashes of good acting, but in total, it was sub-par.

The biggest disappointment is the missed opportunity to really relaunch the TV franchise. It's going to be almost impossible to justify paying even $6.00 a month to watch this show AND still have to put up with commercials, and there is no way I'd pay $10 a month just to watch this show without commercials.

If it where a Netflix release in the US I'd be happy to continue to watch the show and see if they get better. TNG wasn't all that good at the start, and other than the Klingon BS, this wasn't as bad as Encounter at Farpoint.


We talk about the more "Star Trek" of the two shows on their air right now

Our choices for top 5 superheros!

You'll just have to hear to get this list.


Wrap the show with a teaser for next week's Main Topic. Any sponsor stuff. Where the show can be found, and all that fancy stuff. We will refine this line as we go.

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